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About Pink Lotus

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Welcome to Pink Lotus, a private yoga and personal training studio led by Jerri Painter, MSW, certified yoga instructor, certified personal trainer and certified Wellness Coach. We take things personally and our main objective is to help you create a unique yoga practice or personal training program based on your individual needs and personal goals. We know that change is life’s one constant and believe that we can be a powerful resource in helping others navigate those changes. Whether facing major life events or daily activities, we can help you develop ways to provide strength, flexibility, energy, focus, and balance. All of our needs, body types, and life experiences are different. We take these things into consideration when helping you design your program and do not believe that there is a “one size fits all” approach to yoga or personal training. We embrace the belief that self-care not only requires practice, but a safe place in which to do so. Letting go of judgment and competition against yourself and others, we invite you to take a deep breath, set your goals and intentions, and allow us to partner with you on your journey to overall wellness and wholehearted living.


“Why the name Pink Lotus?”

The lotus flower is a rare and beautiful flower that not only grows through muddy and murky water it is the only flower that actually thrives and blooms. As spiritual people having a human experience, it is important that we find balance between the body, mind, and spirit. All too often, we pay specific attention to the body, neglecting our mind and spirit. All three lead to optimal health. Life is busy–stressful, confusing, and even painful at times. Like the lotus, you can learn to rise above life’s difficulties and even bloom in the process. At Pink Lotus we provide a safe place where you can freely explore your personal practice or fitness program with a certified instructor in a private session.



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About Jerri

In this life we have been given, one can either choose a formal education or life experience. Early in life, I chose life experience (or rather it chose me). These experiences, while painful in nature, helped transform me. Loss, grief, toxic relationships, and coping mechanisms became familiar themes in my life. In 1999, I decided that I would use those negatives experiences as stepping stones to create a safe place where people could practice self-love, self-acceptance, and self-care. I went back to school as a nontraditional student and single mother. In 2003, I earned a Masters in Clinical Social Work with a minor in Psychology. This skill-set helped me understand more about myself and, more importantly, how to help people find balance and strength within life’s “everyday horribles.”

Since then, I have continued my journey as a student by earning a 200 hour certification to instruct yoga and am currently working on a 500 hour teaching certification. I am also a Certified Wellness Coach and recently completed the personal training certification process. Connecting the mind, body, and spirit through yoga and strength training helps me to feel balanced, stronger, grounded, more energetic, and even happier. I would welcome the opportunity to help you create your own program and warmly invite you to see for yourself what makes Pink Lotus different. Please contact me at 765-414-5498 or for an individual yoga or personal training session. Thank you for giving me the greatest gift you could give with your attention. Namaste.

Pink Lotus Yoga 

2139 Ferry St, Lafayette, IN 47904
(765) 414-5498